Friday Finds – Cozy Loungewear

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. Mornings are when I spend alone time with my journal, bible, and coffee or tea. It’s where I set the foundation for the rest of my day.

Now, afternoons and evenings follow close behind as being my favorite parts of the day. Simply because it’s the time I return home from work, change into my cozy pajamas/loungewear, make dinner for the family, and spend some quality time with my husband on the patio under the lights.

All of this just makes me so stinking happy.

I am all for cozy when I’m at home so I have to share with you these two loungewear outfits I scored off Amazon.

ZESICA Tie Dye Jumpsuit

I have been on the search for a jumpsuit for quite sometime, mostly to wear around the house, or a quick trip to the store, and even to a late night movie. This one definitely fits that purpose! It’s soft, lightweight, and ya’ll….it has pockets!!! Can I get an amen for that?! There is so much I could do with this jumpsuit besides wearing just around the house. I could throw on a denim jacket, pair it with a blazer, or floppy hat. You could even wear it for date night by dressing it up with statement jewelry and cute shoes. *This jumpsuit comes in many colors.


This pajama set is everything and then some! Loose fitting and soft with a high waisted short (huge plus for me since I have a c-section belly). It’s lightweight enough to wear currently as our temps begin to adjust to the Fall season and perfect for lounging on the patio in the early morning hours with your favorite book and coffee mug. This one is so cute, that even my girls have begged me to purchase each one of them a set too.

My next thing is to find the perfect house shoes! Or slippers? Or loafers? What do you call them??


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