Fall Soups to Try

I love soups and the minute the temps drop below 80 degrees, I’m pulling out many of my favorites. During the Fall and Winter seasons, I add a soup recipe, every week, to our weekly menu. They are easy, they are delicious, and they are comforting. And isn’t that the epidemy of Fall……comfort? It is in our house.

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup
  1. Asian Chicken Noodle Soup – This is the one soup I crave when I am feeling under the weather. It’s homemade chicken noodle soup with a little kick. I could seriously drink this broth alone. It’s straight up delicious. I found this recipe from Cooking Classy when I was on the hunt for a homemade ramen dish that I could make for my college girl. It did not disappoint and has become my most favorite style of chicken soup.

I am a huge fan of dinner around our table. And I’m all about mealtime being simple. You don’t need fancy or time consuming recipes for your dinners to be delicious. The goal, in my opinion, is to just bring the family together as many nights as possible, to the table to eat and converse together. We often play a board game while eating our meals together. The kids love this! And it will be something they take with them when they begin their own families. (I hope.)

Lasagna Soup

2. Lasagna Soup A Farmgirl’s Dabbles recipe is the real deal! If you are a fan of Italian and lasagna especially, this soup will be everything your heart desires. I serve this with an easy garlic and cheese drop biscuit that my children prefer to use in eating their soup over spoons.

Another thing I love about “soup season” is inviting my kiddos into the kitchen. Since the majority of our soups are made in one pot, my kids view it like a science experiment. They enjoy helping chop and prepare the ingredients and they are ALWAYS begging, “I want to put it in the pot!” It’s always fun. We turn on music, they tell me stories about their day and they are learning to cook without it feeling like a chore.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

3. Chicken Pot Pie Soup – Ok, ya’ll, get ready to fall in love! This recipe from Kitchendreaming is to die for! Picture this……..rocking chair on the back porch, blanket draped across your lap, favorite mug in hand, over looking a tree line with it’s warm colors of reds and oranges. Yeah. This is that soup. Cozy. Comforting. Fall.

Something that I’m incorporating this year is allowing my children to have their turn planning a meal. Each child will get to choose a night, choose the meal they want (complete with dessert) and help put it together. We are in a season of staying closer to home with this whole pandemic and I’m going to take full advantage of it. And for me that means spending more time and investing in my children.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

4. Loaded Baked Potato Soup – I have tried SEVERAL potato soups in the past and none of them turn out the same every time. EXCEPT THIS ONE! This recipe from Pressure Cooking Today is directly for the Instant Pot. It’s super simple but it is so delicious! My children will claim this is THEIR favorite soup! And they think the best side dish to pair with this is a chocolate chip cookie. 😉

I would love to hear what your family’s favorite Fall soup recipe is and what traditions you may have in your kitchen. Drop a comment below!


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