Bitter and Sweet

If there was ever a day, or moment, or weekend, that was both precious and sad, well, this past weekend was it. In 2012, a precious little Schnauzer entered my life. It was right after my divorce and I was finding that when my children were hanging out with daddy, for the weekend, my houseContinue reading “Bitter and Sweet”

Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Tuesday nights, in our house, is always Taco Tuesday and Movie Night. We usually eat dinner earlier than most nights, make a pallet in the living room, pop popcorn, settle in with our favorite candy or treat, and spend the next 2 hours uninterrupted as a family. It’s one of our favorite nights of theContinue reading “Pulled Pork Enchiladas”

Momma’s Pot Roast

When I was considering what to share as my VERY first food/recipe post, I decided on my favorite Sunday Dinner – Pot Roast. (Bare with me, as this is my first food post and it may need LOTS of improvement). Sunday’s in my childhood were spent going to church, eating a big, home cooked meal,Continue reading “Momma’s Pot Roast”

Life As We Know It

Life has looked a bit different since March. Many things we used to do we couldn’t do for the time being. However long that was going to be. Restaurants closed. Movie Theaters turned off their screens and closed their doors. Birthday parties were put on hold. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa was postponed. Beach vacation wasContinue reading “Life As We Know It”