Farmhouse Update

Picked from our field

It’s been a minute since I’ve spent some time here, but wanted to give you all an update.


We will be moving in just 3 short weeks to be exact! I can’t even begin to describe the pool of emotions that I feel right now. (Excited. Fear. Nervous. Giddy. Shock.) I am in complete awe of how quickly this all came together.

Slowly but surely we are getting there.

There is still much work that needs to be done at the Farmhouse. So while the kids and I are holding down the fort in Oklahoma, finishing up school and work, and packing up our current home, my sweet husband is in Missouri overseeing renovations at the farm and working at his new job.

This past weekend I picked out and purchased the new refrigerator, stove, and backsplash for our sweet farmhouse kitchen. I’m already dreaming about the first meal I will make in that space. It’s gotta be memorable!

The backsplash for the kitchen!

I’ll be heading back to the farm in two weeks and can’t wait to see and show you all the progress!

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