Weekend Vibes

This past weekend was spent recovering from our first week back at school, and learning how to navigate distance learning. If Friday was an indication of what distance learning is going to be like, please put me in time out (with chocolate) or (chips and guacamole) for the duration.

My step daughter and I first headed out for a 7 mile bike ride at our local trail. There is something so peaceful when I’m riding and coasting on my beach cruiser. Even if it is on an Oklahoma trail and not beach side.

Then, after the past two weeks of flying by the seat of my pants, it was time to get back into the routine of meal planning. The idea of meal planning is to help make meal time a lot less stressful, giving you opportunity and the means to create delicious, simple dinners to bring the family around the table.

One thing that helps me keep things simple is creating Theme Nights: Monday – Comfort Food, Tuesday – Taco Tuesday, Wednesday – Breakfast or Salads/Sandwiches, Thursday – One Pot dish (casseroles, pasta, or Chinese), Friday – Pizza.

The weekends are usually spontaneous. Sometimes we grill, sometimes we use the smoker, sometimes it’s dinner with friends, and many times it’s date night with the hubs!

I just ordered this Meal Planning Pad because I love all things paper products! And it helps me stay organized.

There are so many more tips in regards to meal planning, and I will share storage organization in a later post. But for now, I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you may have that you incorporate in your kitchen.


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