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Six Sisters Stuff

This Friday Find I’m sharing one of my favorite food blogger/bloggers, considering it’s a group of sisters. Hince the Six Sisters Stuff title.

Their recipes are delicious and simple and enjoyed by our whole family. And after our first week back at school, this was the perfect meal to dive into on the patio.

Big Mac Sauce

Big Mac Sliders was such a hit with my kiddos that my 11 year old step son claimed that it was better than pizza! And pizza is something he could eat 24/7. So I definitely say it was win win in this house.

This recipe is quick and super easy to put together. Perfect for those nights you want to spend more time around the table than in the kitchen.

Not to mention these sliders would make a GREAT “pack up and take with you” meal for those Friday night football games. (If we have any this season.) Because…well…pandemic.

The kids have already asked if I could pack these for their school lunches. Maybe not for school…..but I could sure make them for when the kids are home during Distance Learning. They might think I’m the best mom on the earth. 😉 Pair this with our homemade chocolate brownies and I might get bumped up to best mom on the planet. 😉

Big Mac Sliders

Visit Six Sisters Stuff for this recipe and discover all their other fab weeknight meals. I can’t wait to hear if your family loves these as much as ours!


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