Simple Fall Decor

Our hand built table

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a decorator. I am also NOT a home decor blogger. However, home decor bloggers are some of my favorite people to follow.

Here’s a funny fact about me. When asked what my favorite color is I will answer red every time. But the only time I wear red or decorate with it is at Christmas. All the other times, blues and greys and cream colors is what I seem to be drawn to.

Over the past couple of years, I have began to really take inventory of the stuff I owned and how much of it I honestly used. I began to declutter and keep what I thought representing me best. And what made me happy.

This year it was time to go through the Fall box. This year I wanted a color theme that blended and complimented the already color scheme in our home. I knew I only needed a few staple pieces because I don’t like a ton of decorations. Too much decorations and I began to feel cluttered and overwhelmed.

So of course I headed to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, to find all the things you see in this post. Right now the Fall decor is 40% off which will make any decorator’s heart go pitter patter.

As for inspiration, I searched Pinterest and my favorite Instagram accounts: @to_mimishousewego @abowlfulloflemons. One is so fun to watch as she sets her tables for different themes for entertaining, her home is exquisite! And the other is all about the same color palette, clean, simple, fresh, and minimal. Do you have any accounts that you love to follow?

This weekend I have a few more pieces to get to tie in my kitchen and our hallway bench. I’m thinking pillows for that and some larger size pumpkins for the cabinets. And maybe I’ll finally change my letter board I bought 3 years ago. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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