Bitter and Sweet

If there was ever a day, or moment, or weekend, that was both precious and sad, well, this past weekend was it. In 2012, a precious little Schnauzer entered my life. It was right after my divorce and I was finding that when my children were hanging out with daddy, for the weekend, my house felt empty and quiet and I wasn’t too big a fan of being alone. So entered, Millie, this sweet and energetic girl that I fell in love with at the local Animal Shelter. She became my companion, my partner, my girl. This weekend we had to say goodbye to sweet Millie and it was so much harder than I could have expected. The house feels a bit empty without her the pitter patter of her paws on the hard wood floors or the sounds of her snoring in her corner spot of the living room. She will forever be missed.

Since I’ve gotten the sad part out of the way, let me tell you about the sweet. Saturday, I picked up my nieces and nephew for the day so all the cousins could play together. We enjoyed lunch, sidewalk chalk, coloring around the table, soccer in our cul de sac, and a trip to the SWEETEST snow cone shop in town….SUGAR BOOGER.

I had been seeing this snow cone shop, pop up on Facebook, on multiple friend’s feeds. My friends were raving about it and the pictures had me intrigued.

Unicorn Snot

Y’all! These snow cones are like none I’ve ever seen before. They are HUGE! They are FUN! and they are SWEET! You could easily share one between 2-3 people, but what’s the fun in that? And of course my children got a huge kick out of the names: Unicorn Snot, Dr. Pepper Pimple Popper (I know right?! lol), Bloody Booger, Berry Booger (which was amazing!), and so much more.

Bloody Booger

The giggles and the sticky smiles made for a perfect summer day. So if you’re ever in Jenks, Oklahoma, be sure and make a stop at this sugary shop. It’s sure to be a sweet memory for the whole family.

Berry Booger


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