Life As We Know It

Life has looked a bit different since March. Many things we used to do we couldn’t do for the time being. However long that was going to be. Restaurants closed. Movie Theaters turned off their screens and closed their doors. Birthday parties were put on hold. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa was postponed. Beach vacation was rescheduled for 2021 🤞🏻. But let me tell you what did happen.

  1. Our favorite restaurant foods were enjoyed in our mini van, on top of parking garages, over looking the Oklahoma sunsets.
  2. Movie nights STILL happened, right in our living room, with popcorn and candy and makeshift forts.
  3. Birthday parades became a thing and how fun did those celebrations become?
  4. We ate dinner and played board games with the grandparents via FaceTime. Thank you technology!
  5. We have soaked up a lot of Vitamin D, poolside, and finally read those books that were stacking up on the nightstand. 😉

I think it’s the root of why I’m so sad that school will be starting soon. I’ve enjoyed EVERY bit of this time with our family and I don’t want to see it end. And neither do our children, which is why we as a family have made the decision to take this year off from team sports/extra curricular activities. WHAT?! Why would we do such a thing??? Kids need activity! And you’re right, they do. Here’s what we are doing instead.

  1. Weekly bike rides through our gorgeous trails around the city.
  2. Hiking and picnics for dinner.
  3. Playing catch at any of our local parks or simply in our backyard.
  4. Building and completing projects as a family.
  5. Tuesday night movie nights in the living room! Yep, even on school nights.
  6. Weekly bible study: This is my favorite!
  7. Rest

Our goal is to continue this focus on our family. Investing in our relationships with our children, investing in their relationship with God, and investing in our health as a whole. The one common statement this household has made was we didn’t want to return to “busy” and not have time for each other.

So here’s to a better, more full-filling, intentional way of doing things.


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